Flussdiagramm von gefrorenem Brokkoli


Broccoli processing flow control point:

(1) Raw materials: raw materials are checked and inspected based on CCP1, onlyqualified materials will be used and put onto production line.

(2) Grading: products been graded into 1-3cm, 2-4cm, 3-5cm, 4-6cm

(3) Cleaning: wash twice with running water to remove sand, dirt and other impurities

(4) Blanching: itis strictly based on CCP2, and could meet the standards of various

countries and regions

(5) Cooling and draining:cooled by ice water with temperature below 10 , drained by shaker

(6) Freezing: IQF frozen at a temperature -30 ℃ or below,then store in cold

 warehousewith temperature -18 ℃~ -20 ℃ in time.

(7) Selection: pick out dead flowers, rotten flowers, insect damaged flowers, sparse flowers, stalks, flowers with black spots, etc.

(8) Verpackung: basierend auf CCP3, alle Produkte durch Röntgengerät und Metalldetektion mit Fe: 1,5 mm, Sus: 2,5 mm (oder nach Kundenwunsch).

Flowchart of Frozen Broccoli.jpg


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